This function calculates the outcome of isotopic fractionation by a fractionation_factor and can be applied to ratio data, delta values or other fractionation_factor objects.

fractionate(frac, delta)
fractionate(delta, frac)
fractionate(frac, ratio)

# S4 method for ANY,ANY
fractionate(frac, iso)

# S4 method for FractionationFactor,Ratio
fractionate(frac, iso)

# S4 method for FractionationFactor,FractionationFactor
fractionate(frac, iso)

# S4 method for FractionationFactor,Delta
fractionate(frac, iso)

# S4 method for Delta,FractionationFactor
fractionate(frac, iso)



the fractionation factor ff used to fractionate the isotope value


isotope object to fractionate


isotope object to fractionate


an object of the same type as the isotope object that gets fractionated


Several of these calculations are also implemented with an arithmetic shorthand. All calculatinos are only permissible if the fractionation factors and isotope values have matching attributes.

See also

Other operations: mass_balance, shift_reference