weight(iso, weight) adds a weight (can be thought of as mass or concentration) to an isotopic value which will be used to weigh the isotope value when adding together multiple isotope values. get_weight(iso) returns the weight of an isotope value object.

weight(iso, weight)

# S4 method for ANY,ANY
weight(iso, weight)

# S4 method for Isoval,numeric
weight(iso, weight)



- object to get weight or add weight


- vector of weight values, has to be a single value or the same length as the data stored in the isotope value object.


This can also be achieved when first initializing (or updating) an object via calls to ratio, abundance, delta, etc.

See also


r <- ratio(0.2) r <- weight(r, 10) print(get_weight(r)) # returns 10
#> [1] 10